An important measure is imminent to the museum of Raiffeisen in the city of Hamm. This one is going to be reconstructed and widened, receives besides a modern concept to attract also young persons.

For these reasons, the museum has to close its doors for a long period.

The death mask, the secretary, the organ, the glasses and other exhibition items of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen are opened to the public on the first floor of the house of culture of Hamm (Kulturhaus).

The entrance is free.
Opening hours: on Monday-Thursday: 8-12h, 14-16h                            on Friday: 8-12h

Guided tours remain possible through the buro of tourism of the urban community, against a small tip.

Tel. +49 2682 969789


The german Raiffeisenmuseum grants to its guests a look at life & work of this historical personality and biggest son of Hamm (Sieg):              


                Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen


The cultural association "Heimatfreunde im Hammer Land" which is in charge of guarding and promoting the cultural heritage of Hamm's region, offers guided tours of the museum. During these tours full of anecdotes and historical facts, in assistance with 30 audio-guides in several languages (german, english, french, spanish and japanese), you can learn more about the life and work of Raiffeisen.


At the Kulturhaus, the  cultural center of Hamm (Sieg), it's possible to watch a film/documentary about the life and work of the cooperative founder. On top of it, a virtual walk in five different languages.

In the developped warehouse of the museum, you have the opportunity to admire an extraordinary doll's house exhibition, unique in Germany.

The admission price amounts 3 €/ person

with registrations of bigger groups price reductions can be arranged.

The museum is opened thursday from 15 to 17h 

Reservations or other agreements can be made at the Tourist-Information Hamm (Sieg) 


 Tel.: +49 02682 969789 oder E-Mail: raiffeisen@hamm-sieg.de



  • Raiffeisenmuseum
  • Raiffeisenmuseum

Contact us at:

Tourist - Information Raiffeisenland
Scheidter Str. 11
57577 Hamm (Sieg)
Tel.: +49 2682 96 97 89
Fax: +49 2682 67 420
email: raiffeisen@hamm-sieg.de



              15 h - 17 h

         and by appointment

Bank connection

Volksbank Hamm (Sieg) e.G.

Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg


Map of the area

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