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You find the german Raiffeisenmuseum at the following adress: Raiffeisenstr. 10, 57577 Hamm (Sieg)

The cultural association "Heimatfreunde im Hammer Land e.V." takes care of the museum and organizes its guided tours.

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen was born in this house on the 30th march,1818 as seventh by nine children of the 1st prussian mayor Gottfried Raiffeisen and his wife Amalia Susanne Maria, née Lanzendörffer, and lived in Hamm (Sieg) up to his 17th birthday. This house belonged at this moment to the surgeon Georg Friedrich Lanzendörffer, an uncle of Friedrich Wilhem's mother. 

After his death, the owners of the property changed, since 1960 Raiffeisen-Druckerei Neuwied, the Raiffeisen printing office could acquire the building. In the following time a memorial place was established in the floorboard and in the neighbouring room.


RaiffeisenmuseumThe local municipality acquired the property on the 26th march 1998. The cultural association "Heimatfreunde im Hammer Land e.V" renovated the building as a museum and furnished it to the memory of Friedrich Wilhem Raiffeisen.

The museum was opened on the 30th march 2000. This was possible by the support of the local municipality, the district administration and the ministry of economy, traffic, agriculture and wine- growing as well as the ministry of culture, youth, family and women.

The Raiffeisen museum grants to the guests a look at life & work of this biggest son of Hamm (Sieg). It shows which personality hides itself behind  the name Friedrich Wilhem Raiffeisen.

An outstanding importance should be given to that documentary/film, that shows ideas and action of this man in an impressive way and confronts the guests with the matter how in the 1st half of the 19th century such a sociological revolutionary idea could mature and be put into action.

The guest meets in the floorboard a portrait of Friedrich Wilhem Raiffeisen, as well as pictures from old Hamm and an offer of extensive litterature. In the "Raiffeisen-room" the look falls among other things on the writing secretary and the home organ. Both objects come from the individual possession of Friedrich Wilhem Raiffeisen. The following room ist dedicated to the infance and youth of Raiffeisen. You can see his birth certificate and the family bible.

In the staircase, you find the etchings to the curriculum vitae of the social reformer done by Dr. Manns from Altenkirchen. the "mayor's room" gives a view about the activities of Raiffeisen as mayor of Weyerbush, Flammersfeld and Heddesdorf. Specially meaningful are the original "AKTA" from the respective mayor's registration department, as well as the original death mask and original glasses.

In another room, original documents of the cooperative are exhibited, as well as an extensive collection of Raiffeisen's commemorative coins, decorations, plaques and medals. It's particularly worth mentioning the "Rote-Adler-Orden", the "red eagle's medal", that was awarded to him by the emperor Kaiser Wilhem I.

A special attention also earns this room, which was furnished by the "Förderkreis der Genossenschaftsmitglieder"of Münster, the society for the promotion of member of cooperatives. Several photographs, documents and vouchers give evidence of the traces of Raiffeisen and the long story of the cooperative idea.

Besides the constant exhibition to the memory of Friedrich Wilhem Raiffeisen, "itinerant exhibitions" of different kind excite the attention of the guests.

Many guests from all around the world have already signed up on the visitors book of the museum and have stated with it, what a high reputation the social reformer enjoys.

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